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PVC Conduit pipes and fittings, under the brand name TYCON, are the latest addition to the ever growing kitty of quality products, manufactured for its discerning customer.

The Pipes & Fitting are intended for use in residential and commercial establishments to provide a safe and secure passage for wires and other electric applications. TYCON pipes are manufactured from a specialty blend of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride material with unique physical properties desirable for piping application.

  • WITHSTANDS HIGH TEMPERATURE : TYCON FR PVC pipes can withstand high temperatures without catching fire or melting
  • FAST AND EASY TO INSTALL : Our products are light weight and thus easy to transport
  • TOUGH, RELIABLE AND UV RESISTANT : TYCON FR PVC pipes have high tensile strength and high impact strength. They are tough and durable. They are UV resistant- thus remains unaffected even after long term exposure to extreme temperatures
  • CORROSION RESISTANT : TYCON pipes are corrosion resistant – there is no scaling or pitting. It remains unaffected by the chlorine in the water
  • COST EFFECTIVE : TYCON pipes have very low lifetime ownership cost as they remain intact for years after installation