Tycon Cables was established in the year 1985 by Mr. Naresh Singhal and since then the company has gained plausible reputation in the manufacturing of PVC wires & cables industry.


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LT Aerial Bunched Cables

Aerial Bunched Cable is an innovative way for Over Head (OH) power distribution. Compared to conventional wires and cables, Aerial Bunched Cable is far more effective, efficient, and safe. Besides, these cables are easy to install and comes with stability in voltage regulation. The primary reason for using LT Aerial Bunched cables is that these cable are highly energy-efficient, and thus it reduces power loss.

Construction of Aerial Bunched Cable :

  • A typical Aerial Bunched cable is manufactured by twisting together the Phase conductors (single-phase or three-phase conductors), a Messenger conductor(bare or insulated) which serves the purpose of a neutral conductor and also a Street Lighting conductor, which is usually of cross-sectional area of 16 Sq.mm

These cables find a multitude of applications. These are designed to suit the overhead power distribution. The LT aerial bunched cables have flexibly built and improved efficiency, thus making it the best choice for power distribution in urban and rural areas.

Here is why LT Aerial Bunched Cables are preferred:

  • These are a cost-effective alternative to power cables
  • These cables were introduced to minimise the theft of overhead power lines.
  • Lesser probability of faults
  • Lower power supply interruptions
  • They are an easy and effective replacement to the bare lines in rural areas.

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