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Coaxial Cables

Tycon Cables also manufactures Co-axial Cables for Cable TV Network. The coaxial cables such as RG-6 and RG-11 are made of electrolytic grade solid copper free from all impurities and deformities to ensure better signal transmission. Due to its high bandwidth and excellent transmission capacity, TV and radio networks, Ethernet and distance telephone networks primarily employ long distance coaxial cables to reach their audience. Whether used domestically or commercially, coaxial cables can not only provide admirable picture quality and avoid static successfully, but also protect the transmission from other undesired interferences. It is one of the reasons why the military still continues to make use of these cables.

Instrumentation cables also include CCTV cables such as CCTV (3+1) and CCTV (4+1) cables which are specially formulated for displaying high-definition picture quality and enhanced sound quality. High security places such as malls, offices, roads etc. can be equipped with these wires when installing the CCTV camera for a smooth and long operation.

Configuration :
  • Solid/Stranded annealed copper conductor with Tinned/Bare un-armoured cables
  • General Purpose/HR PVC insulation
  • Cores laid up (filled if needed)
  • FRLS / General Purpose PVC inner/outer sheath
  • Copper
  • Solid or Stranded
  • Circular & Compacted
  • Sector-shaped.
Our range includes :
  • PVC Twin-Telephone, Parallel Flat Flexible & drop Wire
  • PVC Flat Twin & Pair Core for Telephone Wiring (ATC)
  • CAT-5E and CAT-6E cables