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multicore control cables Manufacturer

Multicore Control Cables Manufacturers

Tycon Cables, reputed multicore control cables Manufacturers. The PVC insulated and sheathed Multi-core round copper cables are perfect for application industrial and commercial infrastructure for power supply to equipment panels, distribution boards and for installation in all electrically operated machines and equipment’s such as air conditioners, refrigerators, motors, drives, overhead cranes, elevators etc these wires are flexible and provide the best-in-class protection all around. A long list of features such as safety, reliability, fire resistant and fire retardant are associated with these flexible cables and therefore they are manufactured keeping in mind the severe, tough and difficult conditions in which they have to operate. These cables conform to and are marked IS 694:2010.

  • 2 core, 3 core, 4 core, 6 core
  • 8 core, 10 core, 12 core
  • up to 24 cores with core colors conforming to IS 694:2010
  • 100 meter coils
  • 500 mtrs or 1000 mtrs on drums
Temperature range:
  • 15°C to +70° C