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fr pvc electrical insulation tape manufacturers

Tycon Cables - well-knonw FR pvc electrical insulation tape manufacturers. The Tycon Grip PVC Tape is manufactured as per IS 7809 Part 3/Sec-1 with the best available FR grade PVC film and unique proprietary formulation of rubber based adhesive, incorporating imported resin and carries an ISI Mark. It is primarily meant of use as insulation tape in electrical wiring, to join telecommunication wiring, automotive cable harness and many other industrial applications such as tube/pipe joining.

Adhesion to steel : 1.6N/10mm width (min)
Adhesion to backing : 1.3N/10mm width (min)
Tensile Strength : 150N/10mm width per mm thickness (min)
Electric Strength at room temp. : 40Kv/mm thickness (min)
Electric Strength after humidification at 270C+2%RG : 35KV/mm (min)
Flammable : Self Extinguishing
Insulation Resistance : M Ohms/25mm width (min)
Colour : OPAQUE