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House Wire Manufacturers

Tycon Cables are highly admired house wire manufacturers from Ghaziabad. Each wire is manufactured using 99.97% pure, annealed bare copper,electrolytic grade with more than 100% conductivity. We use copper because it saves electrical energy which further reduces electricity bills.

For additional safety and security, we wad the wires with flame retardant PVC compound. This helps control the spared of fire at a high temperature. Further, the PVC wires also protect against electrical shock and short circuit.

Owing to the efforts and dedication of our professionals, we are able to produce super quality house wires using high-quality materials combined with modern technology. During the manufacturing process in our state of the art infrastructure, we are focused on additional safety and security, the use of high-grade copper, better conductivity, flame-retardant wires and complete protection against short circuit.

We are one of the high-rated house wire manufacturers, fabricating a wide range of house wires. The range includes multi-strand (unsheathed) heavy duty cables, Flame retardant grade (FR) & Fire Retardant, Low Smoke PVC Insulated Copper Conductor (Flexible) Cables, CCTV Co-axial Cables, PVC insulated Unsheathed cables (twisted copper),and much more.

At Tycon Cables, we believe that house wires are a smart and safe choice. They should be made in a way that they can last a lifetime without any fire or breakdowns. They are best in the category of wires and ensure safe performance. With our house wires, you can expect secure transmission of power electricity through the circuits inside your home. They are ideal for both domestic as well as commercial buildings.

Tycon cables house wires are manufactured with utmost safety constraints because we believe in a "SAFER TOMORROW".

Our House wire range includes:
  • Multi-strand (unsheathed) heavy duty cables: Flame retardant grade (FR) & Fire Retardant - Low Smoke PVC insulated conforming to IS:694, size house cables and wires from .75 mm to 10.0 mm
  • PVC Insulated Copper Conductor (Flexible) Cables
  • PVC Insulated 3-core flat insulated submersible cables with copper conductor 1100V: conforming to IS: 694, size 1.5 sq.mm, 2.5 sq.mm and 4.0 Sq. mm up to 25 sq.mm.
  • CCTV Co-axial Cables - 75 ohms
  • PVC insulated Unsheathed cables (twisted copper), capacity 660/1100V, size in SWG 1/18, 3/.20 3/22, 7/20 to 7/22 up to 37/14.

Whether you are an individual, distributor or a wholesale dealer of house wires, keep in touch with us for the best quality house wires at the best prices available in the market.