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Xlpe cable

LT, XLPE Cable - PVC Power Cables Manufacturers

We are renowned Lt cable manufacturers, Xlpe cable manufacturers & pvc power cables Manufacturers. Our product range includes LT Power Cables with XLPE/PVC insulation and PVC sheath for Power Transmission up to 1100 Volts conforming to IS: 1554 (Part I), IS:7098(part I) and IS: 14255 with or without Heat Resistant (HR) or Fire Retardant Low Smoke (FRLS) properties.

Today, there are varieties of cables available in the market. Their names can differ, but one thing is common in almost all, which is their construction that includes a regulating metal, an insulation substance,and a sheath. LT and XLPE is a kind of wire (also known as “crossed-linked polyethylene”), which has excellent insulation and crosslink to link the specific polymer chains together. LT and XLPE cables have various features which make them beneficial for cable insulation. Some of these features are amazing flexibility, toughness, lightweight and waterproof. The flexibility provides a smaller bending radius to the cable. We are leading Lt cable manufacturers from India.

Benefits of XLPE cables

XLPE cable serves various applications in the modern world. Though ithas a low melting point, its crosslinking polymers increase the melting point. It is easier to handle and store with paper or lead insulation when compared to other cables. Tycon Cable is world's largest Xlpe cable manufacturers. LT and XLPE cable has extremely good electrical and physical property that is best for transmission and distribution of lines. It provides better thermal and long life with unique features like carrying current under different temperature for a long.

Tycon is a top notch LT and XLPE cable manufacturer in India. Our other products are PVC insulated cable, Fire Survival Cable, Submersible flat cable and many more. We are a well-known organization with an extreme dedication to standard product delivery & known as best pvc power cables manufacturers.

At Tycon, we have R&D facility to do continuous research and analysis to come up with advanced cable wires as per the latest market trends. For customers’ satisfaction, we provide prompt delivery of bulk orders. Get in touch for more information.

  • Single core cables up to 1000 sq mm.
  • Multi-core cables up to 400 sq mm.
  • Aluminium or Copper
  • Solid or Stranded
  • Circular
  • Compacted and shaped
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